Batman Beyond: Adam Beechen NWP73

Bizarro: Heath Corson NWP185

Captain America: Ed Brubaker NWP46, NWP57

Criminal: Ed Brubaker NWP46, NWP57

Deadpool: Gerry Duggan NWP63

Fatale: Ed Brubaker NWP46, NWP57

Hellraiser: Mark Miller NWP191

Hench: Adam Beechen NWP73

Human Target: Len Wein NWP46

Husbands: Jane Espenson, Brad "Cheeks" Bell & Sean Hemeon NWP82

Incredible Hulk: NWP64

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis: Heath Corson NWP185

Sleeper: Ed Brubaker NWP46, NWP57

Supergirl: Peter David NWP64

Swamp Thing: Len Wein NWP46, NWP73

Teen Titans: Adam Beechen NWP73

The 6th Gun: Ryan Condal NWP84

The Tick: Ben Edlund NWP8, NWP50

The Venture Bros.: Jackson Publick NWP46

Voltron Force: Adam Beechen NWP73

Wolverine: Len Wein NWP46, NWP73

X-Factor: Peter David NWP64

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