Guests (in alphabetical order by last name) who have appeared on the Nerdist Writers Panel. Episode numbers and relevant writing/acting credit also listed.

Ben Acker: Supernatural; The Thrilling Adventure Hour - NWP20, NWP24

Ali Adler: Supergirl; Beverly Hills 90210; It's Like, You Know; Family Guy; Glee; The New Normal; No Ordinary Family - NWP258

Justin Adler: Life in Pieces; The Larry Sanders Show; Less Than Perfect - NWP260

John Ales: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - NWP205

Jesse Alexander: Agent X; Heroes; Lost; Hannibal - NWP207

Scott Alexander: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson; Ed Wood; The People vs. Larry Flynt - NWP254

Mark A. Altman: Femme Fatales; Castle; Necessary Roughness - NWP207, NWP267

Jack Amiel: The Knick - NWP226

Emily Andras: Wynonna Earp; Lost Girls - NWP270

Dave Andron: Justified - NWP213

Joshua Applebaum: Zoo - NWP201

Tara Ariano: critic, - NWP155

Scot Armstrong: Dice; Old School, (movies) School for Scoundrels; Semi-Pro; The Hangover 2 - NWP265

Jose Arroyo: Conan - NWP276

Michelle Ashford: Masters of Sex - NWP128

Jane Asmus: (comics) Gambit; Thief of Thieves - NWP63

Remi Aubuchon: Caprica - NWP110

John August: (movie) Big Fish; (movie) Frankenweenie; (movie) Go - NWP136

Scott Aukerman: Between Two Ferns; Comedy Bang! Bang! - NWP101

Meredith Averill: Jane the Virgin; Star-Crossed - NWP269

Jon Avnett: Justified - NWP213

Udo Azuba: Orange is the New Black - NWP188

Brett Baer: New Girl - NWP86

Neal Baer: Under the Dome; ER; Law & Order: SVU - NWP151

Allison Baker: guest host - NWP271

Cecil Baldwin: (podcast) Welcome to Night Vale - NWP116

Caitlin Barlow: Teachers - NWP215

Simon Barrett: (movies) You're Next; The Guest - NWP158

Kenya Barris: Black-ish - NWP250

Janine Sherman Barrois: Criminal Minds; ER - NWP225

Adam Beechen: (comics) Batman Beyond and Hench; Teen Titans; Voltron Force; Transformers: Robots in Disguise - NWP73, NWP220

Michael Begler: The Knick - NWP226

Brad "Cheeks" Bell: Husbands - NWP7, NWP82

Kim Benabib: The Brink - NWP229

Roberto Benabib: The Brink; Weeds; Ally McBeal - NWP229

Tara Bennett: (documentary) Showrunners - NWP164

Amber Benson: Reverse Parthenogenesis (short film); Buffy The Vampire Slayer; (novel) The Last Dream Keeper - NWP45, NWP271

Amy Berg: Eureka; Person of Interest; Counterpart - NWP8, NWP43, NWP267

Josh Berman: Drop Dead Diva - NWP25

Wilson Bethel: Hart of Dixie - NWP113

Jenny Bicks: Dawson's Creek; The Big C; Men In Trees - NWP243

Kevin Biegel: Cougar Town; Enlisted; Scrubs - NWP47, NWP109, NWP112, NWP140

Kevin Bigley: Sirens - NWP175

Debra Birnbaum: Guest Moderator - NWP245, NWP281

Kelly Bishop: Bunheads - NWP215

Chris Black: Outcast; Weird Science; Cleopatra 2525; Xena; Star Trek: Enterprise; Desperate Housewives; Ugly Betty - NWP274

Shane Black: (movies) The Nice Guys; Lethal Weapon; The Monster Squad; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; Iron Man 3 - NWP272

Rowen Blanchard: Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World - NWP261

Maria Blasucci: Ghost Ghirls - NWP106

Evan Bleiweiss: Rosewood; Matador; The Shield - NWP222

Andy Blitz: Review - NWP133

Jeffrey Blitz: Review - NWP133

Raphael Bob-Waksberg: BoJack Horseman - NWP167

Andy Bobrow: Community; Malcolm in the Middle; The Last Man on Earth - NWP80, NWP252

Kate Bond: Cam Girls - NWP195

Desmin Borges: You're the Worst - NWP205

Zev Borow: Chuck; The New Yorker; McSweeney's - NWP225

Kit Boss: iZombie; Bob's Burgers - NWP223

John Ross Bowie: The Big Bang Theory - NWP68

Molly Boylan: Sesame Street - NWP114

Brannon Braga: Salem; Star Trek: TNG; Star Trek: Voyager; Star Trek: Enterprise; Terra Nova; 24 - NWP198

Corinne Brinkerhoff: American Gothic; No Tomorrow; Boston Legal; The Good Wife; Elementary; Jane the Virgin - NWP277

Billy Brooks: Space Station 76 - NWP194

James L. Brooks: (movie) Terms of Endearment; (movie) Broadcast News; My Mother the Car; That Girl; The Andy Griffith Show; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; The Simpsons - NWP210, NWP214

Ed Brubaker: comics Fatale; Criminal; Sleeper; Captain America - NWP46, NWP57

Michael Brumm: The Colbert Report - NWP115

Kristian Bruun: Orphan Black - NWP208

Dan Bucatinsky: Web Therapy; Lipstick Jungle; Grey's Anatomy; Scandal - NWP112, NWP132

Andrew Bujalski: Funny Ha Ha (film); Mutual Appreciation (film); Beeswax (film); Computer Chess (film)

Angelina Burnett: Boss; Memphis Beat - NWP8

Sarah Burns: Married - NWP205

Adam Busch: Reverse Parthenogenesis (short film) - NWP45

Jay Bushman: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - NWP96

Blair Butler: (comic) HEART; Attack of The Show! - NWP63

Tara Butters: Agent Carter; Law & Order: SVU; Dollhouse; Hawaii Five-O - NWP160

Angelina Cabral: Enlisted - NWP109

Craig Cackowski: Community; Veep; Drunk History; Thrilling Adventure Hour - NWP142

Josh Cagan: (web series) Learning Town - NWP76

Kell Cahoon: Psych; Just Shoot Me; NewsRadio - NWP118

Wendy Calhoun: Empire; Justified; Revenge; Nashville - NWP259

Andy Callahan: Person of Interest - NWP159

Neil Campbell: Comedy Bang! Bang! - NWP101

Kay Cannon: (movie) Pitch Perfect; 30 Rock - NWP202

Chris Cantwell: Halt and Catch Fire - NWP209

Bridget Carpenter: Friday Night Lights; Dead Like Me; Red Road; 11.22.63 - NWP10, NWP246

Sabrina Carpenter: Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World - NWP261

Keith Carradine: Fargo - NWP145

Chris Carter: The X-Files - NWP204

Jeremy Carver: Being Human - NWP18

Donick Cary: New Girl; Bored to Death; Late Show with David Letterman - NWP77

Joe Casey: Ben 10; Generator Rex - NWP66

Aya Cash: You're the Worst - NWP205

Sam Catlin: Breaking Bad - NWP54

Michael Chabon: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; Telegraph Avenue - NWP74

Natalie Chaidez: 12 Monkeys; Hunters; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - NWP269

Ilene Chaiken: Empire; The L Word - NWP178

Eric Charmelo: Ringer - NWP17

Nate Charny: The Colbert Report - NWP115

Adam Chase: Friends; The Crazy Ones; Mom; Clone - NWP177

Chris Chibnall: Broadchurch; Gracepoint; Born and Bred; Torchwood; Law & Order: UK; Doctor Who; Life on Mars - NWP162

Eliza Clark: Rubicon; The Killing - NWP31

Jason Clodfelter: Executive, Sony - NWP240

Jake Coburn: Quantico; Gossip Girl; Arrow - NWP233

Aaron Cohen: The Colbert Report; ESPN's 30 for 30; HBO Sports - NWP115, NWP233

Cheo Hodari Coker: Southland; Notorious - NWP43

Katy Colloton: Teachers - NWP215

Ryan Condal: (comic) The 6th Gun; (movie) Hercules: The Thracian Wars; Colony - NWP84, NWP239

Carrie Coon: The Leftovers - NWP218

Rob Corddry: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Heath Corson: (web-series) Aim High; (comics) Bizarro; Justice League: Throne of Atlantis; Scream - NWP73, NWP185, NWP220, NWP233

Carlos Coto: From Dusk Till Dawn - NWP128

Ron Cowen: Queer as Folk [US] - NWP255

Elizabeth (Liz) Craft: Angel; Vampire Diaries; Dollhouse; The 100 - NWP23, NWP183

Jeffrey Cranor: (podcast) Welcome to Night Vale - NWP116

Dan Cronin: Conan - NWP276

Neil Cross: Luther; Crossbones; Dr. Who; Spooks/MI-5 - NWP203

Carlton Cuse: Bates Motel; Lost; The Strain; Nash Bridges; Colony - NWP93, NWP100, NWP148, NWP239

Emily Cutler: Community - NWP2

John Francis Daley: Horrible Bosses - NWP127

Andy Daly: Review - NWP133, NWP149, NWP152

Greg Daniels: The Office; Parks and Recreation; King of the Hill - NWP94, NWP100

Peter David: (comics) X-Factor; Supergirl; Incredible Hulk - NWP64

Jeff Davis: Teen Wolf; Criminal Minds - NWP50

Joshua Davis: The Underdog - NWP74

Donald De Line: Wayward Pines - NWP263

Matt Debenham: The Book of Right and Wrong (book) - NWP62

Steven S. DeKnight: Spartacus; Buffy; Angel; Dollhouse; Daredevil - NWP13, NWP183

Shannon Eric Denton: Ultimate Spider-Man - NWP220

Tommy Dewey: Casual - NWP227

Reed Diamond: Wayward Pines - NWP263

Michael Dante DiMartino: Avatar: The Last Airbender; The Legend of Korra - NWP154

Chris Dingess: Agent Carter - NWP223

Rob Doherty: Elementary - NWP135, NWP228

Kether Donohue: You're the Worst - NWP205

Ann Dowd: The Leftovers - NWP218

Des Doyle: (documentary) Showrunners - NWP164

Tim Doyle: Last Man Standing; The Big Bang Theory; Andy Richter Controls the Universe; Better off Ted - NWP107, NWP112

Eric Drysdale: The Daily Show; The Colbert Report - NWP115

Rebecca Drysdale: Key and Peele - NWP56

Andres Dubouchet: Conan - NWP276

Gerry Duggan: (comic) Deadpool - NWP63

Margaret Dunlap: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - NWP96

Colton Dunn: Key and Peele - NWP56

Erik Durbin: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Jeff Eastin: White Collar; Graceland - NWP61

Charlie Ebersol: Hochberg Ebersol Co. - NWP105

Chris Eccleston: The Leftovers - NWP218

Rene Echevarria: Star Trek: TNG; Star Trek: DS9; Dark Angel; Medium; Terra Nova - NWP139

Ben Edlund: The Tick; Angel; Firefly; Supernatural; Powers; Gotham - NWP8, NWP50; NWP211

Chic Eglee: Powers; Dark Angel; The Walking Dead; The Shield - NWP44

Kerry Ehrin: Friday Night Lights; Bates Motel - NWP10, NWP149, NWP152, NWP180, NWP188

Taylor Elmore: Justified - NWP83

John Enbom: Party Down; Free Agents - NWP11

Craig Engler: Z Nation - NWP233

Jane Espenson: Buffy; Battlestar Galactica; Caprica; Husbands; Once Upon a Time; Torchwood; Angel; Firefly - NWP1, NWP7, NWP37, NWP49, NWP50, NWP82, NWP110, NWP183

Helen Estabrook: Casual - NWP227

Will Eubank: (movie) The Signal - NWP144

Sarah Fain: Vampire Diaries; Dollhouse - NWP23

Nicholas Falacci: Numb3rs - NWP83

Stephen Falk: Weeds; Next Caller; You're the Worst - NWP62, NWP205, NWP229

Ryan Farley: Justified - NWP9

Gina Fattore: Dawson's Creek; Californication; Gilmore Girls - NWP243

John Fawcett: Orphan Black - NWP146

Nat Faxon: Married - NWP205

Michele Fazekas: Agent Carter; Law & Order: SVU; Dollhouse; Hawaii Five-O - NWP160

Christine Ferraro: Sesame Street - NWP114

Travis Fickett: 12 Monkeys; Nikita; Terra Nova - NWP131

Daniel Fienberg: guest moderator - NWP263

Joseph Fink: (podcast) Welcome to Night Vale - NWP116

Dave Finkel: New Girl; 30 Rock - NWP86, NWP107

Bob Fisher: Traffic Light; Sirens - NWP175

Mickey Fisher: Extant - NWP201, NWP211, NWP249

Mark Flanagan: (about Marty Feldman) - NWP236

Caitlin Foito: Executive, ABC Studios - NWP176

Tracey Forbes: Buffy; Cracked - NWP183

Will Forte: The Last Man on Earth; Saturday Night Live; MacGruber - NWP252

Sutton Foster: Bunheads; Younger - NWP215

Cate Freedman: Teachers - NWP215

Victor Fresco: Andy Richter Controls the Universe; Better off Ted; The Trouble with Normal - NWP61

Anna Fricke: Dawson's Creek; Being Human [US] - NWP243

Josh Friedman: Sarah Connor Chronicles; The Asset; (movie) Avatar 2 - NWP5, NWP28, NWP42, NWP58, NWP67, NWP121, NWP171, NWP229

Jason Fuchs: Big Thunder; (movie) Ice Age: Continental Drift - NWP87

Bryan Fuller: Hannibal; Pushing Daisies; Wonderfalls; Dead Like Me - NWP129, NWP200, NWP217

David Fury: Buffy; Angel; Lost; 24; Fringe; Tyrant - NWP2NWP19, NWP183

Ashley Gable: Person of Interest - NWP159

Rico Gagliano: The Dinner Party Download (podcast/radio show) - NWP237

Mark Gagliardi: Thrilling Adventure Hour - NWP142

Megan Ganz: Community - NWP13

Joelle Garfinkel: Cam Girls - NWP195

Jessie Gaskill: Conan - NWP276

Chris Geere: You're the Worst - NWP205

Brett Gelman: Married - NWP205

Martin Gero: The LA Complex - NWP65

Leila Gerstein: Hart of Dixie; Gossip Girl; The OC; Life As We Know It - NWP172

Elizabeth Gillies: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - NWP205

Vince Gilligan: Breaking Bad - NWP28, NWP30, NWP54, NWP89, NWP100

Michael Gilvary: Chicago Fire; Breakout Kings - NWP83

Scott Gimple: The Walking Dead - NWP38

Aaron Ginsburg: The Good Guys; The Finder; Do No Harm; Intelligence; The 100 - NWP3, NWP20, NWP68, NWP120, NWP171, NWP211

Grant Gish: VP (20th Century Fox Animation) - NWP216

Sivert Glarum: Maron; Just Shoot Me; Glenn Martin DDS - NWP230

Adam Glass: Supernatural - NWP25

Drew Goddard: Buffy; Angel; The Cabin in the Woods (movie); Lost; Daredevil - NWP183

Fred Golan: Justified - NWP213

Glen David Gold: Carter Beats the Devil; Sunnyside - NWP74

Adam F. Goldberg: The Muppets Wizard of Oz (movie); WordGirl; Breaking In; Community; The Goldbergs - NWP85

Jessica Goldberg: The Path - NWP256

Tod Goldberg: (novel) House of Secrets NWP280

Henry Goldblatt: Entertainment Weekly - NWP255 (moderator)

Sarah Goldfinger: CSI; Grimm - NWP21

Neil Goldman: Community; Scrubs; Ben & Kate - NWP40

Jessica Goldstein: Cougar Town; My Name Is Earl - NWP94; NWP123

Jonathan Goldstein: Burt Wonderstone; Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2; Horrible Bosses - NWP127

David Goodman: Family Guy; Vice President WGAw - NWP279

Tim Goodman: The Hollywood Reporter - NWP188, NWP249

Howard Gordon: Homeland - NWP91

Carl Gottlieb: Jaws; The Smothers Brothers; The Jerk - NWP102

Alfred Gough: Into the Badlands; Shannara Chronicles; Smallville - NWP 233

Dana Gould: The Simpsons - NWP29, NWP44

Peter Gould: Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul - NWP10, NWP54, NWP190

David Goyer: Batman Begins (movie); Man of Steel (movie); Blade (movie); creator, Da Vinci's Demons, Constantine, Flashforward; The Forest - NWP238

Sina Grace: (graphic novel) Not My Bag - NWP63

Jean Grae: All in the Family theme cover - NWP281

Charlie Grandy: The Daily Show; Guys with Kids - NWP60

Michael Green: Heroes; Kings; Green Lantern film - NWP5

Drew Z. Greenberg: Buffy; Warehouse 13; Firefly; Arrow; Agents of SHIELD - NWP1, NWP183

Jeff Greenstein: Friends; Will & Grace; Desperate Housewives; Husbands; Mom; Partners - NWP2, NWP7, NWP28, NWP58, NWP121, NWP177, NWP229

David Greenwalt: Buffy; Angel; Grimm NWP183

Judy Greer: Married - NWP205

Clark Gregg: Choke; Trust Me; Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - NWP132

Paul Grellong: Terra Nova; Law and Order: SVU; Revolution - NWP33, NWP123

Javier Grillo-Marxuach: The Middle Man; Lost; Charlie's Angels; Reverse Parthenogenesis; Helix - NWP3, NWP45, NWP139, NWP207

Emmy Grinwis: Eye Candy - NWP126

Jonathan Groff: Black-ish; Andy Barker PI - NWP250

Marc Guggenheim: Arrow; Legends of Tomorrow - NWP222

Carla Gugino: Wayward Pines - NWP263

Devon Gummersall: My So-Called Life - NWP113

Andrew Gurland: Married - NWP205

Curtis Gwinn: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Jonathan Groff: Andy Barker PI; Happy Endings; Scrubs - NWP135

Cole Haddon: Dracula - NWP130

Bill Hader: Saturday Night Live; South Park - NWP64

Emily Halpern: The Unit; Private Practice; Trophy Wife - NWP80, NWP149, NWP171

Justin Halpern: Surviving Jack; $#*! My Dad Says - NWP125

John Hamburg: (movie) Meet the Parents, (movie) Zoolander; Welcome to the Captain - NWP128

Lisa Hanawalt: BoJack Horseman - NWP167

Hart Hanson: Bones; The Finder NWP21, NWP120

Dan Harmon: Community; Rick and Morty - NWP3, NWP22, NWP107, NWP125, NWP245, NWP251

Bob Harris: Prisoner of Trebekistan (book) - NWP79

John Harvatine: Robot Chicken - NWP182

Richard Hatem: Grimm; Miracles; Secret Circle; The Gates; Dead of Summer; Damien; Witches of East End - NWP36, NWP50, NWP110, NWP269

Noah Hawley: The Unusuals; My Generation; Fargo - NWP47, NWP53, NWP145, NWP152, NWP200, NWP217, NWP249

Leslye Headland: Bachelorette - NWP75

Kevin Heffernan: (band) Broken Lizard, Super Troopers; Beer Fest - NWP99

Sean Hemeon: Husbands - NWP7, NWP82

Joe Henderson: Graceland; White Collar - NWP125

Elaine Hendrix: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - NWP205

Cheryl Heuton: Numb3rs - NWP83, NWP211

Freddie Highmore: Bates Motel; (movie) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - NWP180

Joe Hill: (novels) The Fireman; Horns; NOS4A2; Heart-Shaped Box; (short story collection) 20th Century Ghosts; (comic book) Locke & Key - NWP266

Dana Hillier: VP of Comedy Development, Paramount Television - NWP257

Alex Hirsch: Gravity Falls - NWP103

Norm Hiscock: Parks and Recreation - NWP14

Lauren Hissrich: The West Wing; Justice - NWP61

Chad Hodge: Wayward Pines; The Playboy Club; Runaway; All About Us - NWP193, NWP257; NWP263

John Hodgman: guest host; The Daily Show; Married - NWP173

Steve Holland: The Big Bang Theory - NWP207

Josh Holloway: Lost; Intelligence; Colony - NWP239

Davey Holmes: Awake; Shamelss; Law & Order; Pushing Daisies - NWP103

Winnie Holzman: My So-Called Life; Thirtysomething - NWP33; NWP110

Adam Horowitz: Once Upon a Time - NWP17, NWP108

Michael Horowitz: Complications - NWP199

Peter Horton: Thirtysomething; Grey's Anatomy; Dirty Sexy Money; American Odyssey - NWP186

Nancy Hower: Quick Draw - NWP157

David Hudgins: Friday Night Lights; Parenthood - NWP51, NWP53, NWP58, NWP143

Rob Huebel: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Deric Hughes: Warehouse 13 - NWP126

John Hurwitz: Harold and Kumar movies; American Reunion - NWP35

Cathryn Humphris: Mad Men; V; Ringer; Mob Doctor; Elementary - NWP2, NWP67, NWP121

Gennifer Hutchinson: Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul - NWP9, NWP54, NWP190

Phillip Iscove: Sleepy Hollow - NWP130; NWP229

Lauren Iungerich: Awkward - NWP58

Michael Jacobs: Charles in Charge; My Two Dads; The Torkelsons; Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World; (movie) Quiz Show - NWP111, NWP251; NWP261

Leigh Dana Jackson: Alcatraz; No Ordinary Family - NWP25

Hardy Janson: Hook Ups - NWP53

Andre Jacquemetton: Mad Men - NWP59

Maria Jacquemetton: Mad Men - NWP59

Michael Jamin: Maron; Just Shoot Me; Glenn Martin DDS - NWP230

Al Jean: The Simpsons - NWP214

Mark Johnson: Rectify; Breaking Bad - NWP156, NWP251

Maureen Johnson: The Name of the Star; 13 Little Blue Envelopes; Suite Scarlett - NWP153

Damon Jones: Benched; Halfway Home - NWP166

Alexa Junge: Friends; The United States of Tara; Save Me; Grace & Frankie; Once and Again - NWP5, NWP42, NWP177

Kira Kalush: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Angela Kang: The Walking Dead; Terriers - NWP23, NWP38

Larry Karaszewski: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson; Ed Wood; The People vs. Larry Flynt - NWP254

Ben Karlin: The Daily Show; The Colbert Report; Modern Family - NWP262

Jason Katims: About A Boy; Parenthood; Friday Night Lights - NWP152, NWP256

Jonathan Katz: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist - NWP55

Marta Kauffman: Friends; Grace & Frankie; Dream On - NWP206, NWP255

Gloria Calderon Kellett: iZombie; How I Met Your Mother - NWP225

Bobby Kelly: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - NWP205

Alexis Kennedy: (games) Fallen London; Sunless Sea - NWP185

Keegan-Michael Key: Key and Peele - NWP56

Chris Keyser: Party of Five - NWP105

Nahnatchka Khan: Fresh Off the Boat - NWP281

Callie Khouri: Nashville - NWP88

Rachel Kiley: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - NWP96

Kyle Killen: Lone Star; Awake; Mind Games - NWP22, NWP47, NWP53, NWP105, NWP155, NWP156; NWP257

Jen Kirkman: Chelsea Lately - NWP15

Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead; Invincible; Super Dinosaur; Thief of Thieves - NWP72

Moira Kirland: Arrow; Castle - NWP131

Eddy Kitsis: Once Upon a Time - NWP17, NWP108

Jenny Klein: Supernatural - NWP211

Steven Knight: Peaky Blinders; The Detectives; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire; Pawn Sacrifice; World War Z 2 - NWP219

Elaine Ko: Modern Family; Family Guy - NWP69

Michael Koman: Eagleheart - NWP34

Bryan Konietzko: Avatar: The Last Airbender; The Legend of Korra - NWP154

Jenni Konner: Girls; Freaks and Geeks; Undeclared - NWP170

Jeremy Konner: Ghost Ghirls; Drunk History - NWP106

Brian Koppelman: Ocean's Thirteen (movie); Billions - NWP233

Rollie Krewson: Sesame Street - NWP114, NWP116

Leah Krinsky: Conan - NWP276

Jonathan Krisel: Kroll Show - NWP81

Nick Kroll: Kroll Show - NWP81

Bob Kushell: 3rd Rock from the Sun - NWP4

Kate Lambert: Teachers - NWP215

Erik Larsen: (comic) Savage Dragon - NWP74

Matt Lauria: Friday Night Lights - NWP113

Bill Lawrence: Scrubs; Cougartown - NWP36

Norman Lear: All in The Family; The Jeffersons; Maude; One Day at a Time; Sanford and Son; Good Times - NWP221, NWP281

Denis Leary: Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - NWP205

Mimi Leder: The Leftovers - NWP218

Zander Lehmann: Casual - NWP227

John Lehr: Quick Draw - NWP157

Steve Lemme: (band) Broken Lizard, Super Troopers; Beer Fest - NWP99

Andrew Lenchewski: Royal Pains - NWP112

Gary Lennon: Justified - NWP4

Thomas Lennon: Reno 911; Night at the Museum; @midnight - NWP151

Ted Leo: All in the Family theme cover - NWP281

John Levenstein: Kroll Show - NWP81

Todd Levin: Conan - NWP276

Ken Levine: MASH; Cheers; Wings; Fraser; The Simpsons - NWP36

Robert Levine: Black Sails; Jericho; Human Target - NWP241

Steve Levitan: Modern Family - NWP11, NWP211

Bob Levy: Alloy Entertainment; The Lying Game; The Vampire Diaries; Gossip Girl - NWP51

Daniel Levy: Schitt's Creek - NWP264

Erin Levy: Mad Men - NWP1, NWP59

Damon Lindelof: Lost; The Leftovers - NWP1, NWP32, NWP218, NWP223

Riki Lindhome: Another Period; Garfunkel & Oates - NWP211

Dmitry Lipkin: The Riches; Hung - NWP110, NWP112

Dan Lipman: Queer as Folk [US] - NWP255

Warren Littlefield: Fargo - NWP145

Allan Loeb: New Amsterdam - NWP12

Tim Long: The Simpsons - NWP39

Karina Longworth: Masters of Cinema: George Lucas; Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor (books) NWP124

Claudia Lonow: Rude Awakening; Accidentally on Purpose; How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life); Knots Landing - NWP273

Chris Lowell: Veronica Mars, Enlisted - NWP104, NWP109

Hal Lublin: Thrilling Adventure Hour - NWP142

Amanda Lund: Ghost Ghirls -NWP106

Edmund Lupinski: Reverse Parthenogenesis - NWP45

Levi MacDougall: Conan - NWP276

David Madden: President, Fox TV Studios - NWP156

Steven Maeda: Helix; Pan Am; Lost; The X-Files - NWP135

Joshua Malina: Scandal; The West Wing; The Good Guys - NWP113

Greg Malins: Friends; How I Met Your Mother; 2 Broke Girls - NWP95

David Mandel: Veep; Saturday Night Live; Seinfeld; Curb Your Enthusiasm - NWP278

Deirdre Mangan: iZombie - NWP169, NWP271

Kelly Marcel: (movie) Saving Mr. Banks; (movie) Fifty Shades of Grey - NWP118

Graeme Manson: Orphan Black - NWP146, NWP208, NWP249

Ken Marino: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Christopher Markus: (movies) Captain America: Winter Soldier; Thor: The Dark World; The Chronicles of Narnia - NWP137

Andrew W. Marlowe: Castle - NWP39

Corey Marsh: Manager of Current Programming, Disney Channel - NWP105

Swampy Marsh: Phineas & Ferb - NWP48

Corinne Marshall: School of Rock; Surviving Jack; creator, KC Undercover - NWP222

Matt Marshall: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Jay Martel: Key & Peele; Teachers - NWP90, NWP215

George Mastras: Breaking Bad - NWP54

Terry Matalas: 12 Monkeys; Nikita; Terra Nova - NWP131

Peter Mattei: Outsiders - NWP242

Craig Mazin: (movie) The Hangover 2; (movie) Identity Thief - NWP136

Glen Mazzara: The Walking Dead; Damien - NWP14, NWP38, NWP269

Joey Mazzarino: Sesame Street - NWP114

Heidi Cole McAdams: Intelligence - NWP138

Tim McAuliffe: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Kathleen McCaffrey: director of development, HBO - NWP200, NWP216, NWP251

Meghan McCarthy: My Little Pony; Class of 3000 - NWP48

Stephen McFeely: (movies) Captain America: Winter Soldier; Thor: The Dark World; The Chronicles of Narnia - NWP137

Ryan Patrick McGuffey: (documentary) Showrunners - NWP164

Wade McIntyre: The Good Guys; The Finder; Intelligence - NWP3, NWP20, NWP138

Michael McKean: Better Call Saul - NWP190

Aline Brosh McKenna: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - NWP228

Chris McKenna: Community; American Dad - NWP22, NWP125

Tim McKeon: Adventure Time; Fish Hooks - NWP48

Lara McLean: Sesame Street - NWP114

Steve Melching: Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Star Wars: Rebels; Guardians of the Galaxy Animated - NWP207, NWP267

Brad Meltzer: (novel) House of Secrets NWP280

Liz Meriwether: New Girl - NWP23, NWP86, NWP100

Erica Messer: Criminal Minds - NWP49, NWP165

Miles Millar: Into the Badlands; Shannara Chronicles; Smallville - NWP 233

Andrew Miller: Secret Circle, Backstrom; Tremors - NWP42, NWP44, NWP67, NWP112 (moderator); NWP120, NWP235

Ashley E. Miller: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Fringe; Andromeda; (movie) Thor; (movie) X-Men: First Class - Comics 16, NWP118, NWP207, NWP267

Evan Miller: Hook Ups - NWP53

Mark Miller: (comic) Hellraiser - NWP191

Terri Miller: Castle - NWP39

Rina Mimoun: Red Band Society; Mistresses; Jack & Jill; Dawson's Creek; Everwood; Privileged - NWP163

Tim Minear: Angel; Firefly; American Horror Story - NWP13, NWP71

Jose Molina: Terra Nova; Angel; Firefly; Vampire Diaries; Sleepy Hollow; Agent Carter; Children of Tendu (podcast) - NWP21, NWP50, NWP139, NWP207, NWP237, NWP267

Opus Moreschi: The Colbert Report; Craig Kilborn; Li'l Bush - NWP115

Abi Morgan: Suffragette; River - NWP232

Iain Morris: The Inbetweeners; Flight of the Conchords - NWP60

Erik Mountain: Person of Interest - NWP159

Aisha Muharrar: Parks and Recreation - NWP40

Randall Munroe: (web comic) xkcd - NWP76

Charles Murray: Castle; V; Criminal Minds - NWP22

Michael Narducci: The Vampire Diaries; The Originals; Medium - NWP207

Tim Neenan: Filthy Preppy Teen$; Newsreaders - NWP268

Lucas Neff: Raising Hope - NWP113

Judalina Neira: Do No Harm - NWP138

Kristin Newman: The Muppets; That '70s Show; The Neighbors; Galavant - NWP247

Matt Nix: Burn Notice; Complications - NWP6, NWP197, NWP199

Dave Noel: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan: Person of Interest; (movie) The Dark Knight; (movie) Interstellar - NWP140, NWP159

Marti Noxon: Buffy; Angel; Un-Real; Girlfriends; Guide to Divorce; Glee - NWP26, NWP183, NWP229

BJ Novak: The Office - NWP69

Bob Odenkirk: Mr. Show - NWP15

Katie O'Brien: Teachers - NWP215

Matt O'Brien: Conan - NWP276

Lucas O'Connor: Person of Interest - NWP159

Mark O'Keefe: The Weird Al Show; News Radio; Bruce Almighty - NWP95

Mike O'Malley: Shameless; Survivor's Remorse - NWP275

Carolyn Omine: The Simpsons; Full House - NWP271

Stacey Oristano: Bunheads - NWP215

Kent Osborne: Adventure Time; SpongeBob SquarePants; Flapjack - NWP65

Patton Oswalt: Silver Screen Fiend; The United States of Tara - NWP173

Erica Oyama: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Amy Ozols: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; Guys with Kids - NWP60

Eric Pallotta: director of social media, Netflix - NWP188

Chris Parnell: Executive, Sony - NWP176, NWP240

Adam Pava: The Boxtrolls; Out of Jimmy's Head - NWP191

Jordan Peele: Key and Peele - NWP56

Jesse Peyronel: Dracula; Dig; Sheltered - NWP233

Connie Peterson: Sesame Street - NWP114

Douglas Petrie: Buffy; CSI; Charlie's Angels; Pushing Daisies; American Horror Story: Coven; Daredevil - NWP5, NWP37, NWP131, NWP256

JJ Philbin: New Girl; The OC; Gilmore Girls - NWP93

Arthur Phillips (novels): The Tragedy of Arthur; The Egyptologist; Prague - NWP98

Chrissy Pietrosh: Cougar Town; My Name Is Earl - NWP94

Greg Plageman: Person of Interest; NYPD Blue; Cold Case - NWP140, NWP159

Julie Plec: Vampire Diaries; The Originals; Containment - NWP28, NWP51, NWP105, NWP243; NWP257

Jack Plotnick: Space Station 76 - NWP194

Joe Pokaski: Underground - NWP275

Joe Port: Dilbert; Son on the Beach; Just Shoot Me - NWP78

Scott Porter: Friday Night Lights - NWP113

Dan Povenmire: Phineas & Ferb - NWP48

Bill Prady: The Big Bang Theory - NWP77

Dawn Prestwich: The Killing; Carnivale - NWP130

Jeff Probst: Survivor - NWP248

Mark Protosevich: The Cell (film); I Am Legend (film) - NWP117

Jackson Publick: The Venture Bros. - NWP46

Ben Queen: A to Z - NWP169

JG Quintel: The Regular Show - NWP103

Joe Randazzo: The Onion - NWP62

Benjamin Raab: Warehouse 13 - NWP126

Marco Ramierz: Daredevil - NWP256

Charles Randolph: (movies) The Big Short; The Life of David Gale - NWP244

Michael Rauch: Love Monkey; Beautiful People; Royal Pains - NWP51, NWP112

Adam Reed: Archer; Sealab 2021; Frisky Dingo - NWP179

Andrew Reich: Dead Pilots Society (podcast) - NWP234

Jason Reitman: Casual; Young Adult; Juno - NWP227

Hollis Rich: State of Grace - NWP281

Ryan Ridley: Rick and Morty - NWP245

Beth Riesgraf: Gossip Girl; Complications - NWP199

Erica Rivinoja: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Ian Roberts: Key and Peele; Teachers - NWP56, NWP90, NWP215

Dailyn Rodriguez: Lie to Me; The Glades - NWP40

Adam Rogers: Wired magazine, Proof - NWP24, NWP147, Comics 85

Chris Rogers: Halt and Catch Fire - NWP209

John Rogers: Leverage - NWP18

Justin Roiland: Rick and Morty - NWP245

Ray Romano: Men of a Certain Age - NWP149

Kate Rorick: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - NWP96

Melissa Rosenberg: Twilight (movies), Jessica Jones - NWP256

David Rosenthal: Jane the Virgin - NWP228

Phil Rosenthal: Everybody Loves Raymond; Modern Family - NWP200, NWP221; Guest moderator NWP210; NWP281

Robyn Ross: Guest moderator - NWP261

Jason Rothenberg: The 100 - NWP225

Mike Royce: Men of a Certain Age; Enlisted; Everybody Loves Raymond - NWP109, NWP112, NWP140, NWP149

Duncan Rouleau: Ben 10; Generator Rex - NWP66

Alex Rubens: Key and Peele - NWP56

Diane Ruggiero: iZombie; Veronica Mars; That's Life - NWP184, NWP189

Shawn Ryan: The Shield; Chicago Code; Last Resort - NWP43

Katey Sagal: Married with Children; Sons of Anarchy - NWP281

Tami Sagher: 30 Rock; How I Met Your Mother - NWP31

Jennifer Salt: American Horror Story - NWP71

Charlie Sanders: Key and Peele - NWP56

Nick Santora: Scorpion; Prison Break - NWP168

Ben Savage: Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World - NWP261

Stephen Scaia: Human Target; Jericho - NWP77

John Scalzi: Old Man's War - NWP76

Meredith Scardino: The Colbert Report - NWP115

Paul Scheer: Childrens Hospital; NTSF:SD:SUV; Filthy Preppy Teen$ - NWP27, NWP107, NWP268

Thomas Schlamme: Manhattan; Sports Night; The West Wing; ER; The Americans - NWP224

Hayden Schlossberg: Harold and Kumar movies; American Reunion - NWP35

Thomas Schnauz: Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul - NWP54, NWP190

Rob Schrab: The Mindy Project; Childrens Hospital - NWP107

David Schulner: The Event - NWP6

Patrick Schumacker: Surviving Jack; $#*! My Dad Says; iZombie - NWP125, NWP211

Michael Schur: Parks and Recreation - NWP93

Mark Schwahn: One Tree Hill - NWP47

Nell Scovell: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; Newhart; Coach; Murphy Brown; Charmed; NCIS; Warehouse 13; The Muppets - NWP174, NWP237

Joseph Scrimshaw: Comedy of Doom - NWP76

Mike Scully: The Simpsons; Parks & Recreation; Everybody Loves Raymond - NWP250

Bryan Seabury: VP Drama Development, CBS - NWP105, NWP156, NWP176

Steven T. Seagle: Ben 10; Generator Rex - NWP66

Nick Searcy: Justified - NWP213

Ken Segna: Senior VP, Original programming (Starz) - NWP216

Matthew Zoller Seitz: critic, Vulture - NWP155

Matt Selman: The Simpsons - NWP33; NWP214

Matt Senreich: Robot Chicken - NWP182

Alan Sepinwall: critic, Hitfix - NWP155

Nicole Shabtai: Filthy Preppy Teen$; Kirby Buckets - NWP268

Naren Shankar: Star Trek: DS9; Star Trek: TNG; CSI; Grimm; CSI; Almost Human - NWP16, NWP139

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro: UnREAL - NWP184, NWP229

Jessica Sharzer: American Horror Story - NWP71

Sam Shaw: Manhattan; Masters of Sex - NWP161, NWP224

Amy Sherman-Palladino: Bunheads; Gilmore Girls - NWP212, NWP215

Kevin Shinick: Mad; Robot Chicken - NWP69

Dan Shotz: Black Sails - NWP241

Kim Shumway: The 100; Dallas - NWP169

David Silverman: The Simpsons - NWP214

Craig Silverstein: Nikita; Terra Nova - NWP26

Rebecca Sinclair: 90120; Gilmore Girls; Buffy - NWP95

Spiro Skentzos: Grimm - NWP269

David Slack: Person of Interest; Cam Girls; Teen Titans Go! - NWP14, NWP195, NWP279

David Sleven: VP, Comedy Development (NBC Entertainment) - NWP216

Gordon Smith: Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul - NWP54, NWP190

Nicole Snyder: Ringer - NWP17

Tom Snyder: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist - NWP55

John Solomon: The Last Man on Earth - NWP252

Chris Sparling: Sea of Trees; Buried; ATM - NWP196

Jason Spisak: Young Justice - NWP220

Frank Spotnitz: The Man in the High Castle; The X-Files - NWP231

Caissie St. Onge: Best Week Ever; Rosie O'Donnell; The Late Show with David Letterman - NWP62

Brian Stack: Conan - NWP15

Gabrielle Stanton: The Flash; Haven; Castle - NWP207, NWP267

Adam Stein: Under the Dome - NWP201

Jonathan Steinberg: Black Sails - NWP241

Hugh Sterbakov: Robot Chicken - NWP275

Jon Stern: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Meredith Stiehm: Cold Case - NWP16

Fred Stoller: Seinfeld; Handy Mandy - NWP60

Nicholas Stoller: The Carmichael Show; (movies) Neighbors 2; Forgetting Sarah Marshall; The Five Year Engagement; Get Him to the Greek; The Muppets - NWP270

Tad Stones: Darkwing Duck - NWP211

Jeff Strauss: Friends; Partners - NWP177

Danny Strong: Empire; Recount; (movies) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2) - NWP259

Geoff Stults: Enlisted - NWP109

Paul Stupin: Dawson's Creek; Switched at Birth - NWP243

Bernie Su: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - NWP96

Veena Sud: The Killing - NWP4

Kurt Sutter: Sons of Anarchy; The Shield - NWP123

Phoef Sutton: Terriers; Cheers - NWP12

Craig Sweeny: Limitless - NWP228

Mike Sweeney: Conan - NWP276

Jessica Szohr: Gossip Girl; Complications - NWP199

Rich Talarico: Key and Peele - NWP56

Maurissa Tancharoen: Spartacus; Dr. Horrible - NWP31

Michael Taylor: Battlestar Galactica - NWP9

Kathryn Renee Thomas: Teachers - NWP215

Rob Thomas: Veronica Mars; Dawson's Creek; iZombie - NWP11, NWP104, NWP243

Rob Roy Thomas: Free Ride - NWP12

Bradley Thompson: Battlestar Galactica; Falling Skies - NWP16

Matt Thompson: Archer; Sealab 2021; Frisky Dingo - NWP179

Liz Tigelaar: Life Unexpected; Nashville; Revenge; Bates Motel; Casual - NWP29, NWP47, NWP49, NWP105, NWP156, NWP227

Peter Tolan: Rescue Me - NWP6

Allison Tolman: Fargo - NWP145

Paul F. Tompkins: Comedy Bang! Bang!; The Thrilling Adventure Hour - NWP102

Alessandra Torresani: Caprica; Husbands - NWP7

Eric Towner: Robot Chicken - NWP182

Jonathan Tropper: Banshee; Plan B; This Is Where I Leave You - NWP181

Jennie Snyder Urman: Jane the Virgin; Gilmore Girls; Hope & Faith; Men in Trees - NWP192

Laura Valdivia: Hot and Bothered; Weird Loners; Ben & Kate - NWP222

Noelle Valdivia: Ash vs. the Evil Dead; Manhattan; Telenovela - NWP223, NWP235

Todd VanDerWerff: critic, A.V. Club - NWP155, NWP156

Liz Vassey: NBC Bowling pilot; CSI; The Tick - NWP132

Jenny Wade: The Good Guys; Reaper - Comics 15

David Wain: Childrens Hospital - NWP27

Moira Walley-Beckett: Breaking Bad - NWP54

Matt Walsh: UCB co-founder; Veep; Dog Bites Man; A Better You - NWP134

Belinda Ward: Sesame Street - NWP114

Pendleton Ward: Adventure Time - NWP65

Michaela Watkins: Benched; Saturday Night Live; Trophy Wife - NWP166

Sarah Watson: Parenthood; About a Boy - NWP4, NWP207

Marlon Wayans: In Living Color; The Wayans Bros.; Scary Movie - NWP70

Nick Wechsler: Revenge; Roswell - NWP113, NWP188

David Weddle: Battlestar Galactica; Falling Skies - NWP16

John Weidman: Sesame Street - NWP114

Len Wein: creator of Swamp Thing, creator of Wolverine; Human Target - NWP46, NWP73

Andrew Weinberg: Eagleheart - NWP34

Matthew Weiner: Mad Men - NWP59

Stephnie Weir: MadTV; The Millers - NWP275

Jarett Weiselman: Guest moderator - NWP259

Ben Wexler: The Comedians; Community; Arrested Development; The Michael J. Fox Show; The Grinder - NWP187, NWP235, NWP257

Jed Whedon: Spartacus; Dr. Horrible - NWP31

Zack Whedon: Fringe; Deadwood; Rubicon - NWP18

Will Widger: Lumberjanes - NWP229

Kevin Williamson: Dawson's Creek; Scream; The Following; The Vampire Diaries; Secret Circle - NWP243, NWP253

Beau Willimon: House of Cards - NWP188, NWP249

Casey Willis: Archer; Sealab 2021; Frisky Dingo - NWP179

Mara Wilson: (podcast) Welcome to Night Vale - NWP116

David Windsor: The Real O'Neals - NWP281

Max Winkler: Ceremony (movie); New Girl; The New Normal - NWP80

Terence Winter: Boardwalk Empire; Wolf of Wall Street (movie), The Sopranos - NWP150

Joe Wiseman: Dilbert; Son on the Beach; Just Shoot Me - NWP78

Harris Wittels: Parks and Recreation - NWP13

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: Alphas - NWP29

Jason Woliner: Eagleheart - NWP34

Gideon Yago: The Newsroon - NWP80

Alan Yang: Parks and Recreation - NWP9

Nicole Yorkin: The Killing; Carnivale - NWP130

Graham Yost: Justified; Speed; From the Earth to the Moon; Band of Brothers; The Pacific; Boomtown - NWP41, NWP92, NWP213, NWP217, NWP255

Parker Young: Enlisted - NWP109

Larry Zerner: (lawyer) - NWP143

Lilla Zuckerman: Suits; Haven; Fringe - NWP250

Nora Zuckerman: Suits; Haven; Fringe - NWP250

Danny Zuker: Modern Family - NWP26

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